FRIDAY REVIVAL NIGHT | Party Adam to Father Adam

LISTEN NOW: PARTY ADAM TO FATHER ADAM | An amazing story that speaks to a generation.

HE USE TO BE “PARTY ADAM” Adam Maher had been to the hospital three times for alcohol-related incidents. And then he encountered Jesus Christ.

Listen to the moving, real-life story of what took place.

Friday Revival Night involved very gifted live music by Seph Schlueter. Welcome invitation by Greg Schlueter with message by Jon Kynard. Beautiful worship led by Seph Schlueter (Damascus Worship). Very moving story and prophetic ministry led by Fr. Adam Maher (audio above), and a number of miraculous healings.

This is what we’re about. Missioned friends who have encountered God’s love. We can’t help but bring it to others. We invite you to join us.