FRIDAY REVIVAL NIGHT | Cassandra’s Story


CASSANDRA HAD NO IDEA WHAT WOULD HAPPEN when she went to Swan Creek Metropark that night. Bearing a heavy heart, she just wanted to get away. God saw something more. A beloved daughter in need of knowing His loving, healing presence. 

Listen to the moving, real-life story of what took place last night.

This Friday Revival Night involved very gifted live music by Stacy Herzog. Welcome invitation by Pastor Bill Herzog (Vineyard). Beautiful worship led by the Faith, Liberty and Sophia Kreuz. Impactful story and prophetic ministry led by David Cuppett. Impactful prayer of Jon Kynard. And at the heart, another one of many none of us knew, but in God’s heart, whom we all expected… Cassandra.

This is what we’re about. Missioned friends who have encountered God’s love. We can’t help but bring it to others. We invite you to join us.